Senda (GR11) diverted near Candanchú

New route of the GR11 near Candanchu
New route of the GR11 near Candanchu. Click on map to enlarge

The official route of the Senda Pirenaica (Spanish GR11) is being changed in order to conform to new safety standards. Although it is true that the passage in France to the west of Candanchú is often damaged by avalanches, the new route has other failings. It drops down into the Canfranc valley creating a long detour in a valley blighted by road traffic. See Aragon Mountaineering Club‘s page on the subject.

Update: August 2017. Tom Wheeler has pointed out that there is a detailed description of the new GR11 route from Lizara to Candanchú dating to October 2016,  though these walkers followed a different path above Candanchú.

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