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  1. Steve, purchasing your book today!
    I have several questions. I took five of my six children hiking Le Puy – Santiago-Finesterre and Muxia two years and a half years ago. They were ages 9-16 at the time. This past year took the girls (ages 10-11) on the Portuguese starting at the southern tip. We connected Le Puy to Norte via the GR10. It was the most stunning walk.
    This summer we are going to hike either the GR10 or the GR11.
    I am worried about the cost of the GR10 vs the GR11 and also seemed to have more difficulty in France finding places open for food shopping than in Spain.
    Could you share if these concerns are valid in the Pyrenees?
    We are planning to depart From San Sebastian on foot July 1st, have never hiked with crampons etc… do you think we will be fine with that. Now I read about Avalanches on your site here, never even considered that…how big is this worry?
    Thank you for your wonderful sharing and help!

    1. Hi Neve

      I hope you enjoy the book. It’s not a guide but should tell you about some of the adventures along the way. Just in case you haven’t noticed it I also have a site dedicated to the French GR10.

      As you are trying to cut down costs, the best thing would to to stay in as many free huts as possible. Although the site linked to mainly deals with those in France, there are hundreds of them in Spain as well. Careful planning can save a lot of money.

      It is true that hostels are slightly cheaper in Spain, but you will only save 10% on average same for food prices. I don’t think there is much difference in the number of shops in either country – very few in villages.

      If you start on 1 July you shouldn’t need crampons, unless this winter turns out to be exceptional, and avalanches won’t be a problem either. So far it has been mild.

      Have fun.

  2. Hi! We’re going to the GR11next year and started to read everything about it. If I remember correctly in Spain camping is highly restricted, is it the same in the French side? We’ll take our dogs on the trail so we’ll need to camp outside. Does this guide mention where is it allowed to pitch a tent? Also, is it dangerously hot in August or is the snow that we should be worried about?
    Thank you for a great site and information about the Pyrenees!

    1. Hi Julia
      Camping isn’t highly restricted in Spain. Just in National Parks (eg Ordesa) and Natural Parks (eg Aigüestortes). See also my page on walking with dogs in the Pyrenees. Bear in mind that a shepherd may shoot a dog if it kills their sheep. Also you will need to take diversions to avoid walking through flocks. Patous(guard dogs) will fight any dog that comes near the flock.
      In August heat is more of a problem than cold, but in a thunderstorm the temperature can drop 15 degrees C in as many minutes.
      Happy planning

  3. Hey Steve, Just bought the book and looks great, I have a question about maps though, I would like a paper back up for emergencies for use with compass as necessary. For the whole route Ive found the Alpina GR11 series seems to fit the bill, 23 sections, full length and 1.50 scale. I’ve used the Alpina series before and they are ok. Do you know this book of maps or is there another way to simplify paper mapping without purchasing every single one on the route? Thanks in a advance.

    1. Hi Simon
      Yes I like paper maps too, though recently I have come to think of my GPS as my main navigation tool and my phone as a backup. You might consider buying the Cicerone Guide or the Prames guide for their maps. The Cicerone guide is available as an e-book so maybe that would be something you could put on your phone?

  4. Hi Simon
    Thanks for all your tips here.
    Where would you recommend to go hiking in Catalonia to be able to overnight mostly in tent?


    1. Hi Niko
      Catalonia is big and I only really know the Pyrenees. There are rules in the Nature Parks that you will need to research, but there are many areas of the Pyrenees where you can camp.
      Best wishes

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