Map of the Senda Pirenaica, Spanish GR11

Map of the Senda Pirenaica GR11
Map of the Senda Pirenaica GR11 with accommodation © Steve Cracknell. Click to enlarge

The walker has a choice of three paths from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the length of the Pyrenees. The most northerly, the Pyrenean Way, officially the French GR10, starts in Hendaye and finishes in Banyuls. It is a mid-slope route with the highest pass at 2509m above sea level. The Haute Route Pyrénéenne sticks much closer to the watershed. If you chose to take in the Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees, you will be climb to 3404m. The Senda Pirenaica, the Spanish GR11, is another mid-slope route but higher than the GR10, with a dozen passes over 2500m.

Maps of the GR11

I used a combination of the 1:40,000 maps contained in the Spanish Prames Guide (7th edition) and the Topo España 3.0 maps on my Garmin eTrex 30 GPS. The Prames maps are good for planning and only contain very occasional errors. (Beware: the coordinates used on Spanish maps are based on the Datum Europeu 1950 and not on WGS84 used in the rest of Europe. If you confuse the two you will be up to 200m out!).

Lost in mist, this is what heaven looks like
Lost in mist, this is what heaven looks like

The Topo España 3.0 map, if you know how to use a GPS, is much more useful in the field. Again, although the maps are mostly very accurate, I found some incredible errors. Notably, parts of the Senda Pirenaica between Planoles and Núria are marked as straight lines, as if the cartographer’s pen slipped!

The sketch maps in Brian Johnson’s excellent Cicerone guide to the GR11 are not really suitable for navigation. If you stray off the route they will be very little help – the scale (1:90,000) is too small and the detail insufficient in rugged mountain terrain.


4 thoughts on “Map of the Senda Pirenaica, Spanish GR11”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Could you tell me how to find the pou de neu on Pic Neulos?
    Have been up many times and never realised it was there.

    1. Hello Richard. I had some difficulty finding it at first because it was marked in the wrong place on my GPS map! From the Pic Neulos you follow the GR10 (or road) SW for 1.1km to the Coll del Pou. If you get to the hairpin bend you have gone about 200m too far. At the Coll del Pou (1109m above sea level) you will see a gate on the fence which marks the frontier, with the Pou de la Neu signposted. Go through the gate and turn left (E then NE). The Pou de Neu is 220m from the gate in a clearing in the middle of the woods but very obvious once you get there.

      It is a good place for a picnic because it is sheltered from the wind.

      best wishes Steve

  2. Hi, I would like to do a 3-4 day hike through a good section in late September. Can you recommend a route/where to get on and off to be able to get back to the drop-off location?

    1. Hi Kate
      It is easy to get to Candanchú by train/bus from either France or Spanish side. You should be able to get back to Barcellona from Torla but it will require planning and you may have to pay for a taxi some of the way.
      I hope this helps.

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